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Fork Head

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Shoring prop fork head is used in conjunction with shoring props to support timber or steel beams. 

Fork heads can offer improved safety and stability when using shoring props on-site and in a construction environment. 

Advantage: Quick, Simple, Safe, Cost Saving

Full compatible with all size steel Shoring Prop and Multiprop. 

Normally using in form shoring towers and slab tables support.

enormous flexibility is offered through the use of modular scaffolding, ranging from a simple shoring tower throgh to complex spatial shoring.

Compatible with below system,

* Flex Shoring Prop

* Multiprop Aluminium post shores

* DOKA Table Flex

* PERI Skytable Slab Table

* VarioDeck

* Multiflex Girder Slab Formwork

* Ringlock Scaffolding System

* H20/P20 Beam

Prop Fork Head Details


 Steel Q235





Supply ability:





 Painting/Hot dip galvanized/Electro galvanized