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RAS Wall Formwork

RAS Wall Formwork

We have two version of RAS wall formwork system which made by Aluminium & Steel. ALU-RAS formwork system has 100% compatible design as Hunnebeck's Rasto system but with 30% lighter. Designed for concrete walls, columns and structural beams for foundations and agricultural constructions.

K-DECK Slab Formwork

K-DECK's range of applications extends from residential construction through to industrial construction projects. The systematic assembly sequence and lightweight system components made of aluminium accelerate working operations. In addition, the possibility of early striking with the drophead system reduces on-site material requirements.

Formwork Accessories

Formwork Accessories

KEVA has vairous production lines to make all kind of formwork accessories. Even we have own casting foundry that be able to produce nuts, clamps parts with advanced test equipments to ensure the premium quality. There are many OEM accessories can compatible with world-wide popular formwork system like PERI, DOKA, Hunnebeck.

EN1065 Props & Accessories

KEVA heavy duty props are correspond with the European Norm EN1065. To satisfy any request, comipont produces three different classes, depending on vairous load capacity:

B Class, the lightest, with variable load capacity
D Class, with 20 kN of load capacity
E Class, the heaviest, with 30 kN of load capacity