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Alu-Ras Formwork

Alu-Ras Formwork

Designed for concrete walls,columns and structural beams for foundations and agricultural constructions.

Frame Material:Aluminium 6061-T6

Back Covered: by 15mm Sveza® birch plywood, for best water resistance and excellent concrete surface. 

K-Deck Formwork

KEVA-DECK has been designed for standard use in constructing slabs with thickness up to 43 cm.With the small panel span (75 cm) and,if required,a middle support under the main beam,slabs up to 109 cm thick can be formed.KEVA-DECK's range of applications extends from residential construction through to industrial construction projects.The systematic assembly sequence and lightweight system components made of aluminium accelerate working operations.In addition,the possibility of early striking with the drophead system reduces on-site material requirements.

Formwork Accessories

Formwork Accessories

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Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding

1. Stable structure and connection, the wedge lock system guarantees that all ledgers and diagonal braces are secured immediately they are placed.

2. Assembling easily with immediate, safe erection by just one person at any height.

3. The in built joint and the simple wedge connections guarantee a faster erection time.

4. SGS certified products with high precision and superior quality.

5. More than decade experienced factory with automatic welding production line, meet timely delivery requirement for all customers.

6. Experienced engineer team to make sure stable quality.

7. Professional sales service with experienced sales team.