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Ringlock scaffolding brace

Ringlock is a proven multi-purpose scaffold system which can be used for all forms of access and support structures in the building construction industries, facade retention, offshore construction, viaducts etc. It consists of tubes, captive wedges, and round rosettes, that create quick and extremely strong connections. 

Insert the plugs on both ends of the diagonal brace into the corresponding taper holes located within the rosettes on the horizontal bar, then hammer them in tightly. The diagonal bar can be easily connected to a ringlock standard, thus creating an entire ringlock system with a vertical and horizontal bar. 

Material: Steel Q235

Process: spare parts connected with bolts or rivets, no welding here.

Steel tube size: Normally is 42.2*2.5m, also can be customerized 48.3*2.5mm.

Size: Length from 0.73m to 3meters, usually recommend 1.57m, 2.07m and 2.57m.

Item No.DescriptionWeight (KGS)Weight (LBS)
KDB707' x 6'6" Horizontal Brace 10.2522.58
KDB808' x 6'6" Horizontal Brace11.2024.67
KDB10010' x 6'6" Horizontal Brace12.3527.20
KDB1571.57M x 2M Horizontal Brace9.1420.13
KDB2572.57M x 2M Horizontal Brace11.7025.77
KDB3073.07M x 2M Horizontal Brace12.4027.31


Ringlock scaffolds are widely used in bridge projects such as general viaducts, tunnels, factories, elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, etc. Ringlock scaffolding is also suitable for support design of special workshops, overpasses, spans, storage racks, chimneys, water towers and indoor and outdoor decoration, large-scale concert stage, background racks, stands, viewing tables, molding racks, stair systems, stage installation, Sports competition stands and other projects.