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KR / KRL Alignment Clamp

KR / KRL Alignment Clamp

KR / KRL Alignment Clamp

KR / KRL Alignment Clamp

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Designed for ALU-RAS/ST-RAS systems, but also compatible with Hunnebeck Rasto system.

Only one part is required for all panel connections –the KR/KRL clamp.

The KR/KRL clamp ensures that the formwork panel connections are flush, aligned and tight – in a single operation without requiring any additional accessories. This facilitates

fast working operations and reduces the number of components.

As a result, work preparation and material storage among other things are made easier.

The coupler can be used for virtually all connections:

standard panel joints

external and internal corners

acute, obtuse and articulated corners

stopend formwork and height offsets

panel extensions 

Product Type:KR clamp
Brand   Name:KEVA
Certificate:ISO, EN1090
Weight:3.90 Kg
Place of   Origin:Qingdao, China
Surface   Treatment Electrogalvanizing
MOQ:400 pcs
Delivery   Time:30-60days   Depend on   customer's specific order quantities
Supply   Ability:10*40DC container/month